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Katie Finch

Following an Undergraduate final year project in Dr Giffin's lab and my successful graduation reading Medical Genetics (with hons) from Brunel University in 2004, I am studying for a PhD at Kent University. My investigations involve the genomic organisation of spermatozoa and the early embryo in humans.

I also have an interest in aneuploidy rates in spermatozoa of male patients undergoing various methods of Assisted Reproduction, and how this rate may relate to the success of their treatment.

As part of furthering my professional career, I am currently seconded to The London Bridge Fertility Centre on a weekly basis in order to maintain a direct relationship with the more clinical aspects of my research.

On a more personal note, I enjoy running and going to the gym in my spare time and, following my very hot 5k run last month, hope to complete a 10k in October and a half marathon in 2007.

Email: kaf7@kent.ac.uk