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FARMACHROM is the acronym for the Farm Animal Chromosome Resource Centre, based at the University of Kent. It is part of the Molecular Cytogenetic (FISH) lab of Professor Darren K Griffin. We deal with the provision of resources and promotion of collaborative research relating to farm animal chromosomes and chromosome-specific libraries. Given the research interests of the laboratory, the focus is largely on avian chromosomes however other resources e.g. in pig, are also available. FARMACHROM is non-profit making and does not charge for services; given that the centre is to be self funding, however, collaborators are asked to contribute towards full cost recovery of the projects undertaken.

We have developed unique identifier probes for all chicken chromosomes that will, potentially, allow FISH mapping of any clone and/or characterisation of any chicken karyotype (also other avian karyotypes by cross species experiments). We seek to actively encourage collaborations for the mapping of clones, characterisation of aberrant karyotypes and for comparative avian mapping. We can also provide laboratory training where collaborators with larger projects can send researchers for specific lengths of time to achieve their own research goals. Please see the individual sections for comprehensive list of resources and possible areas of collaboration. If you have any specific questions we can be contacted via our contact us page.